Prem Murti's "Love and Peace" is a song that celebrates the significance of kindness, understanding, and unity in the world.

2-time GRAMMY®-nominated vocalist Natalie Ai Kamauu from Hawaii lends her captivating voice to the track. The music has been composed, arranged and produced by Prem Murti and the lyrics have been written by Mike Greenly, an American writer, and the man behind “Our Great Virginia”, the official traditional state anthem of Virginia as of 2015.

The song includes Shanti (Peace) Mantra sung by Prem Murti that adds a spiritual and transcendent quality to the song.

Annemarie Picerno, with her exceptional vocal range and dynamic style, brings a vibrant energy and impeccable harmonies in the song.

Adding a rich and soulful texture to the song is acclaimed cellist Tess Remy Schumacher, who has been featured in a GRAMMY®-winning classical compendium album.

Award-winning violinist An Vedi brings her masterful artistry to the song, and guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt adds a stirring and emotional dimension to the music.

And lastly the graceful movements of Yogini Megan Schoenbohm Brentwood perfectly complement the song's message of love and peace.